Author: Mrs. Angelina Regueiro

  • Tips for making casseroles

    Tips for making casseroles

    There are recipes for casseroles in cuisines all over the world. They include Italian lasagna, British pie, British pudding, Greek moussaka, French gratin, and much more. A variety of ingredients can be used to make casseroles. For example, a recipe for sweet curd casserole requires eggs and cottage cheese, as well as raisins and other […]

  • Salad with mushrooms and walnuts

    Salad with mushrooms and walnuts

    Salad with mushrooms and walnuts is a classic of French cuisine. Traditionally, the green salad was served before the cheeses, so it was as light as possible, because by this time the guest had already tasted the appetizers, soup and hot meal. INGREDIENTS STEP BY STEP RECIPE Step 1Heat a pan over medium heat and […]

  • Diet salad with champignons

    Diet salad with champignons

    Mushroom salad is an out-of-season dish. Gourmets prefer to put raw mushrooms in the salad. But mushrooms fried in aromatic oil will be especially good in a warm salad – a winter version of this dish. INGREDIENTS For the dressing: STEP BY STEP RECIPE Step 1For the dressing, mix mustard with lemon juice and oil, […]

  • Prune dessert in sour cream sauce

    Prune dessert in sour cream sauce

    Surely many people remember a dessert from their childhood – prunes in sour cream. And fans of proper nutrition have tried yogurt with fruit for breakfast. We offer a treat that will please both. INGREDIENTS STEP BY STEP RECIPE Step 1Beat the sour cream with a mixer until fluffy. While beating, pour in the sugar […]

  • Pancakes and crepes

    Pancakes and crepes

    Pancakes and crepes – a flour dish, made of liquid dough, baked in a hot frying pan; usually round in shape. Pancakes may have been the first dish that began to be prepared with flour. Recipes for pancakes are found in almost all nations: Russian pancakes, French pancakes (crêpes), palachinkas, English pancakes, Indian dosa, Ethiopian […]

  • Cheese curd cakes

    Cheese curd cakes

    Cheese curd cakes are easy to make. The traditional recipe for cheesecakes: mix half a kilo of cottage cheese, one egg, a few tablespoons of flour (or semolina), two tablespoons of sugar, salt, knead well… Divide the cheesecake dough into balls, make small cakes, dip them in flour and fry in butter. Cheesecakes are ready! […]

  • Short tips on barbecue cooking

    Short tips on barbecue cooking

    Those who are looking for an easy shish kebab recipe, you should pay attention to the shish kebab of chicken or turkey. Cooking kebabs from poultry meat is convenient and easy, but if you do not know some secrets, it can turn out a little dry. Also, when choosing a kebab recipe, remember that as […]

  • Eggs for breakfast, how to eat it?

    Eggs for breakfast, how to eat it?

    I’m a real proponent of a hearty breakfast, both for personal tastes – I don’t like the smell of cappuccinos and croissants in the morning – and for my physical needs. It is for these physical needs, which include keeping glycemic peaks in check and getting my metabolism running well, that many recommend eggs for […]

  • About Me

    Cooking Experience… Welcome to my online cookbook of recipes that I have tried, tasted and have enjoyed. I had started this blog as a way to document my food journey in my kitchen. The experienced cook that I am at this very moment was not the same when I was younger. Growing up I was […]

  • Cherry Almond Muffins

    Happy Friday! I have been in the “it’s too hot to cook” cooking rut all week long. UGH. We have been experiencing record high temps in the high 90s and 100 in SoCal. This is the hottest summer weather that I can remember in a long time. We even experienced an earthquake or two in the past […]