Baking someone special

I have been neglecting my cooking blog for the past couple of weeks but it’s because I’ve been busy baking someone extra special. Lorenzo and I are expecting our first baby in May!
We are both beyond excited and over the moon about our little cookie in the oven. Currently, I am 13 weeks along and it’s been difficult to not mention any of my nausea or food aversions. Not fun at all. It has been really hard to keep this a secret from all of you. We wanted to make sure our little baby was healthy before we announced our wonderful news to the world. We already have had three doctor visits and on our last visit we heard the sweetest sound of our baby’s heartbeat. It just solidified that there was a little baby growing in my belly and brought tears to my eyes.

This is my cooking blog and I don’t plan on making it anything else, but I’ll occasionally mention some baby-isms and mommy-isms from now on – so bear with me. I’m trying to get back into my cooking/blogging groove by attending the FoodBuzz Festival in SF this upcoming weekend.

My wonderful husband has been helping out with cooking for the past month or so. The foods I have been eating are definitely not blog worthy–english muffins, avocado sandwiches, ravioli, goldfish crackers and jolly ranchers. I have been feeling a little better, so hopefully I will be back to normal soon. I really do miss being in the kitchen.

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