Banana Springrolls aka Turrón

Another wonderful treat that we brought to my cousin’s graduation party was Turrón. Turrón is a Phillipine snack that I absolutely love – it’s a banana springroll wrapped with tiny strips of jackfruit and a little bit of brown sugar in the midst of it. Jackfruit tastes like a cross between a tart banana and pineapple – it really gives an extra sweet kick to the treat. You fry them suckers up and you have one of the best Philippine snacks ever. My mom came over to my house and taught me how to properly roll and fold these springrolls. It was a good experience learning how to make these with my mom, and hearing her advice about how I should make them. At first she showed me her method of rolling the springrolls, and how she sealed them using the tips of her fingers with a little bit of egg whites. I busted out one of my fancy kitchen tools, a basting brush, and applied the same methods. She was like oh that’s alot easier to use, too. LOL. I had to modernize her methods just a little bit. Enjoy!

Banana Springrolls (Turrón) Adapted from my mom Ingredients: 1 12 ounce can of jackfruit 1 to 2 packages of springroll wrappers 1 1/2 cups of dark brown sugar

2 dozen little saba bananas*These are the small finger sized bananas*

2 egg whites Vegetable Oil, for frying Yield: 24 to 26 Banana Springrolls


Peel and cut saba bananas lengthways and set aside in a large bowl. Prepare the jackfruit – toss the brine from the can and make 1/4 inch strips from the jackfruit. You can use your hands to make the strips or julienne them. To assemble, place a saba banana on the bottom end of the wrapper and sprinkle a tablespoon of brown sugar over the banana and add a couple strips of jackfruit on top. Fold the portion of the wrapper nearest you over the filling until just covered. Turn the wrapper again to enclose the banana securely. Moisten the left and right hand edges of the wrapper with egg. Fold over the corners and press down firmly to seal, making an envelope. Moisten the flap of the envelope with egg whites and turn, rolling firmly like a burrito. Seal firmly. Set aside, seam side down. Repeat procedure until all bananas are used. In a pre-heated pot with oil at least 375 degrees high, deep fry springrolls over medium heat. Cook until crispy and golden brown. Place cooked Turrón on a cooling rack with paper towels to drain excess oil and let it cool. Enjoy when it’s cool to touch.

Review: AWESOME! Now that I’ve finally been taught the filipino ways by my mom I would love to change up some of the fillings. Maybe a Cuban-Filipino fusion like Guava-Cheese with Bananas springrolls, or maybe a hazelnut lover’s dream of Nutella-Banana springrolls, or a simple sweet crusted coconut-cinnamon-banana springroll. Oh my goodness – the steady stream of wonderful yummy ideas are brewing in my head!! I can’t wait to make some more. Sarap! (translation: delicious!)

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