Blackberry Lemonade

It’s been a whirlwind of a week, and there has been a bit of a family emergency that has kept me away. Lorenzo’s grandmother is currently in the hospital and had a bit of a dizzy spell because she’s anemic. The doctors are doing lots of tests to make sure she is okay, but had to undergo a colonoscopy because they were worried about the traces of blood they had found. We are anxiously waiting on the lab results of her latest CT scan and praying for a quick recovery. She is in good spirits and the family is doing everything we can to be there for her. This was a simple drink that I had made earlier in the week because the abundance of Meyer lemons that I had picked off our tree. Usually when we have lemons – I make lots of lemonade. Lemonade has been one of my go-to drinks since the beginning of my pregnancy, but sometimes I have been a little bored of the repetitiveness of it. This was a refreshing variation by simply adding some muddled blackberries, and they are inexpensive at most grocery stores and farmers markets. I love the gorgeous purple hue that blackberries gave and if you didn’t know purple is my favorite color! It’s perfect for entertaining and you can add a little shot of liqueur (rum/vodka/tequila) to make a nice adult version of the drink.

Blackberry Lemonade
Adapted from Food Network
Printable Recipe Ingredients: 6 to 8 lemons (2 cups of lemon juice), plus lemon slices 2 cups water 1 to 2 cups ice 1 cup simple syrup 1 pint of blackberries


Prepare the simple syrup by bringing one cup of sugar and water to boil, stirring until dissolved. Let cool. In a large pitcher, muddle the blackberries, make sure to smash them completely or it will be hard to sip the fruit through a straw. Stir in the 2 cup of lemon juice, and 2 cups water. Add the ice and lemon slices. Serve in a glass with extra lemon slices if desired. Yield: 2 Liter pitcher ~ about 6 cups

Review: Refreshing and a gorgeous way to brighten your day. Here’s a sweet picture (instragram) of my favorite birthday cousin/twin, and my grandma. They are modeling the flower headbands that I had made while we were in the hospital yesterday. My grandma loved it, and had felt like a little kid. Doesn’t she look darling in it? 😉
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