Bobby Flay and a Throwdown!

Oh golly gee, I am still on cloud nine after meeting Bobby Flay last week. Yes, my friends I said BOBBY FLAY! He’s my chef-hero, a Food Network Iron Chef that I greatly admire, loves Thanksgiving as much as I do, and absolutely a wonderful all-around kind of guy. One of the first cookbooks that I ever bought was Mesa Grill, it was after my dining experience at Mesa Grill at Caesars Palace that I was in smitten. Absolutely smitten with Bobby Flay. When I found out that Williams-Sonoma would be hosting his latest book signing “Throwdown” – I knew that I had to be there!

I took the day off work to make sure that I would ample time to wait in line and get my copy of “Throwdown” autographed by Mr. Bobby Flay himself. While waiting in line, I never expected to see him walk through the front doors. I wasn’t even ready for his quick entrance and entourage of ladies that came with him either, but the crowds instantly cried in joy and clapped for him. Wow, he’s here!!!

The line was pretty long already by 10am when my girlfriend and I got there. I did walk around and venture to see the other BF fans. I had spoken to the first person in line and she said she got here right before 8am to wait in line. Oh wow, that’s dedication! The line was wrapped around outside the stores surrounding Williams-Sonoma, and by the time Bobby Flay arrived around a little after 11am – it went outside the door of the mall!

Luckily for all of us waiting in line, Williams-Sonoma brought little tasty samples of pumpkin bread and assorted treats. Also, once Bobby Flay arrived – he started the book signing early versus waiting until 12pm to start autographing everyones’ cookbooks. You had to show proof that the cookbook was purchased there, but you can bring other books for him to sign as well. I brought along my copy of Mesa Grill to get signed as well.

My girlfriend and I had a blast meeting all the fellow fans of Bobby Flay. We waited in line for 3 hours to meet him but the time flew by and there were plenty of other foodies anxiously waiting for their moment with Bobby. We met a mother and daughter who loved him. I met a wonderful mother of three that loved him. I also met another married couple who had visited him at Mesa Grill at Caesars Palace and he had brought his Mesa Grill cookbook to get signed as well. It was like a Bobby Flay fan club meeting or something!!

Once I met him, I instantly told him that he was my chef-hero. That my first cookbook that I had ever bought was his Mesa Grill cookbook since I loved the food from the restaurant. He told me thanks…and then I got chef-struck and couldn’t manage to say anything else. Oh boy, I wanted to ask if he was ready for a throwdown…but I couldn’t muster the words out of my mouth. Nada…but I did thank him for the signed cookbook and happily skipped away. Thanks again Bobby Flay!!!

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