Whenever I’m entertaining for dinner parties or get togethers, I always make sure there is plenty of tasty appetizers to pass. Sometimes I’ll go with something simple like chips and guacamole or my tasty buffalo chicken dip. If I ever have plenty of time to prep something tasty – I love making these caramelized onions with goat cheese thyme tarts. Or I’ll pick up some an assortment of cheeses with salami and prosciutto. However, I love prepping pasta de bocaditos because they are easy to prepare and addicting to eat. Once you start eating one, you can’t stop and keep going and going until there is no more. Pasta de bocaditos is a sandwich spread composed of ham, pimentos, cream cheese, mayonnaise, and sweet relish. Well, anything prepared with cream cheese usually wins me over. Pimentos or roasted red bell peppers is what gives the vivid reddish-pink coloring and don’t let it alarm you – it tastes absolutely delicious.  My Cuban mother-in-law had taught me the original recipe but my cousin told me the “boozied” version requires cognac in it, too. It gives a little subtle tang of flavor to the sandwich spread and takes it to another level. Bocaditos are wonderful little finger sandwiches, and perfect appetizers for any party. Make some boozy or non-boozy bocaditos today!

Bocaditos (small sandwiches) Adapted from my mother-in-law and cousin, Veronica


Printable Recipe 1 – 8 ounce bar of cream cheese, room temperature 4 ounces of pimentos 1/2 cup mayonnaise

2 cups of ham (I use sandwich sliced ham)

2 tablespoons of sweet relish 1 tablespoon of cognac or brandy 24 Sweet Hawaiian bread rolls


In a food processor or blender, combine all the ingredients and pulse until fully combined. Spread about a tablespoon or more as a filling for the bread rolls. Place the remaining spread in a serving bowl. Variation – You can use white sandwich bread with the crusts removed and cut on the diagonal or soda crackers as another option.

Review: Such an easy appetizer to prepare at a moment’s notice, and it’s always delicious. Boozy food will always make your guests be asking for more and that’s never a problem right?

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