Buffalo Chicken Dip

Buffalo chicken dip is one of the most loved dips that I make whenever we are entertaining a crowd. It’s quite popular around football season whenever we host playoffs or Superbowl. Recently, this past weekend my husband had a guys game night at our house. For me that meant, I had the day off from cooking dinner since they were going to keep it simple by ordering pizza. But I still had wanted to take care of something for the guys to nosh on while the guys play their video games and something substantial to drink with their beers or sodas. This tangy and cheesy dip tastes exactly like Buffalo wings dipped with ranch, but without the mess of getting the sauce all over your hands. It’s sooooo good, your guests will be asking for more!

Buffalo Chicken Dip

Adapted from Allrecipes.com


2 cups of cooked chicken breasts

1 bar of cream cheese, room temperature

2 cups of extra-sharp cheddar cheese

1 1/2 cups of blue cheese

1 cup of ranch dressing

1/2 cup of Frank’s Buffalo sauce

1/4 cup of green onions, chopped

1 tablespoon of chives, chopped finely


1. Preheat an oven at 350 degrees.

2. Add the cooked chicken breasts, cream cheese, 1 cup of cheddar cheese, 1 cup of blue cheese, 1 cup of ranch, buffalo sauce in food processor and mix until combined.

3. Fold in the green onions and the buffalo mixture into an 10×10 baking pan. Top off with the remaining cheddar and blue cheese. Bake for about 30 minutes. Garnish with chives.

Serve with chips or celery. (I prefer Fritos – corn chips or tortilla chips.)

Review: I love this dip and most of my friends have nicknamed this crack dip because this stuff is so good. The other method to prepare this put the buffalo mixture in a mini-crock pot – the little dipper – just keep it on low heat for 1 hour. You’ll see everyone hang around the chips and dip until it’s gone!

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