cheese curd cakes

Cheese curd cakes

Cheese curd cakes are easy to make. The traditional recipe for cheesecakes: mix half a kilo of cottage cheese, one egg, a few tablespoons of flour (or semolina), two tablespoons of sugar, salt, knead well… Divide the cheesecake dough into balls, make small cakes, dip them in flour and fry in butter. Cheesecakes are ready!

cheese curd cakes

If you add less flour to the cheesecakes, you get soft cheesecakes, a little more cheesecakes will be denser; each hostess adjusts the amount of flour to her taste.
By the way, if you change the recipe a little bit and make a sausage out of the received dough (but with more flour), cut it into small circles, dip in flour and throw for a few minutes in boiling water, then you will get not cheesecakes but magic lazy dumplings.

russian lazy dumplings

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