Barefoot Contessa in the OC

One of my most treasured cooks, Ina Garten, from the Food Network cooking show Barefoot Contessa was in the OC last week. She came to Williams-Sonoma for a book signing for her lastest cookbook “How Easy is That?”

From my last Williams-Sonoma Bobby Flay book signing, I arrived 2 hours early – and supposedly Ina Garten had more reservations than Bobby Flay- he had 800 and she had 1200??? WOW! Guess where I lined up at 10am in the morning – OUTSIDE THE MALL. Holy smokes batman! I passed the time by chatting away with the ladies in line. I had met two amazing ladies who had been best friends for 53 years since the womb! I’m lucky that I live in SoCal because the weather was perfect and it was in the mid 70s and from where I was standing there was ample shade from the mall.

The only sad thing to report – Ina would only be signing the books that you purchased from here – only the new book and she would not be posing for pictures. There would be no way to get a personal picture or get her to sign my other beloved cookbooks. Oh well, I tried. I did manage to get a couple of pictures with her while I’m telling her how “fabulous” all of her recipes are and how I greatly admire her. She was happy to hear that and told me that I would enjoy this new cookbook.

Wow, can I tell you how amazing 2010 has been for me to meet so many celebrity food chefs? I’m just in absolute awe – Cat Cora, Rick Bayless, Bobby Flay, and now Ina Garten. I also had to pass up the opportunity to meet Ming Tsai because of a previous engagement. It’s been such a fun-foodie blessed year. I’m going to have restrain myself for awhile (unless it’s Tyler Florence) because I want to cook my way through these cookbooks before I think of purchasing anymore! I can’t wait to cook up more fabulous recipes from Ina Garten because everything in this new cookbook is easier to prepare and totally drool worthy and delicious.

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