Dogzilla in the OC

Since my kitchen has been closed for renovations, Lorenzo and I have been dining out and about in the town. We have enjoyed some tasty treats from the usual fast food places but with the recent wave of mobile eats more apparent in the OC – we had a night out with some fellow foodie friends. We took my girlfriend, Amy, on her first go-around on mobile eating, too! We roamed the streets for a night out grubbing at OC DinDin-A-GoGo and the first outing of the Dogzilla truck to the OC.  Dogzilla’s tagline is “not your typical wiener” – it’s a wonderful fusion of the iconic American classic of hot dogs and fusing it together with Japanese culture. I missed them at the OC Foodie Fest, but I knew they would be awesome enough to return to their loyal fans in the OC. Thank you baby Jesus!

We got there promptly at 830pm and there was a small line. They had twittered about their location that day at the Atomic Ballroom in Irvine and I was tickled pink of their whereabouts because it was within close proximity of the other event – OC DinDin-A-GoGo. Unfortunately for Dogzilla’s luck, they had technical difficulties with their truck but it quickly got resolved and they graciously and quickly got to work on serving the hungry foodies. While waiting in line, we noticed the familiar logo of Saturday Night Foodies and we met the super fun foodie-loving couple behind the awesome mobile eats & food blogging of Saturday Night Foodies. Meeting other fellow foodies and fellow bloggers is very cool because it’s nice to meet people face to face versus online banter on twitter/Facebook/blog comments. Thumbs up to these guys, and we can’t wait to see you for the next foodie event!

My favorite fellow foodie is Marlon, and I can always count on him for coming to a mobile eats event whenever we text or call each other. We first went to Kogi BBQ together, so it was natural to visit Dogzilla together as well. Lucky ducky Marlon did get to sample some tasty treats at the OC Foodie fest from Dogzilla, and had said these were amazing hot dogs. In fact, my sister and my coworker both had a taste as well and said they were the best hot dogs they ever had.

Word of mouth drove me here to sample this hot dog – so here I am and stuck between two awesome choices to order – Dogzilla or Yakisoba. The Dogzilla had all toppings familar to me –  hot dog with grilled onions, avocado, teriyaki sauce, japanese mayo, furikake, and bacon on Hawaiian bread roll. (Bacon is meat candy, so it was already a winner!) The Yakisoba was a hot link with yakisoba noodles, red ginger and okonomi sauce on Hawaiian bread roll. (Okonomi sauce is Japan’s version of Worcestershire sauce.) Lorenzo and I decided to get one of each hot dog and we would split the dogs to get a sample of both.

The verdict? OMG….both hot dogs are smack-tastic. The Japanese toppings melded together like perfection on these hot dogs. Something about the wonderful fusion of hot dogs and Japanese toppings was flawless. I loved the sweetness of the Hawaiian bread roll mixed with the spicy and tasty toppings. I’m a big baseball fan, so I’ve eaten alot of hot dogs..and man, I would love this hot dog at a baseball game. Overall, we had a great time checking out Dogzilla. The guys were really gracious and thanked us for waiting patiently. I even got a free soda from them, thanks again for my Kiwi Strawberry soda. A big thanks to Dogzilla for coming out, and I can’t wait for the next time you roam our streets. Check them out because this hungry foodie gives them two thumbs up!

Note: Dogzilla is based out of the OC, so they will be frequenting the streets more often. Check out their Facebook page and twitter for their whereabouts!

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