Happy New Year!

I’m sooo happy to be back home from our Christmas vacation, and I have finally recovered from our New Year’s festivities, too. I partied on down with some of my friends and almost drank a bottle of wine to myself. I also had a tequila shot that didn’t settle well with my stomach, and it brought me back to my good ole college days. No more tequila for me because it took a whole day to get that out of my system. Nothing says New Years’ Day with a headache and hangover from the night’s festivities right?

Did you have trouble waking up for your first day of work? I didn’t have a problem at all because I’m still on my Floridian vacation time and it helped me kick start my day. I made some New Years Resolutions and goals and will do my very best to achieve them. I woke up today with big dreams, lots of goals and determination to make this year a fantastic one. I’m jumping on the health and fitness bandwagon and getting fit and healthy because I want to be a loser…a big fat loser of pounds that is. I’m not happy with my current weight and it is time that I took charge of it. I’m a comfort food eater and love good food but writing this in my blog solidifies my need to focus on what’s important. My health.

Luckily my husband has joined me on the fitness bandwagon so I’m not alone on my healthy journey. We have our weekly weigh-ins on Sundays, and have vowed off some of our food vices. GFTs, gourmet food trucks, visits will be limited to maybe once every two weeks or maybe a month. (This will be tough and I made a photo collage of the ones we visited in 2010!) Lorenzo is not drinking beer for a year, and that’s a big deal because he loves beer. I haven’t sworn off any alcohol but I’m cutting down on my sugar and carbs. No more splenda or Crystal Light for me! We are focusing on eating lean meats, lots of veggies, and more fish entrees (which I’m so happy because Lorenzo will eat it!) Also, I’m writing all my food down in my food journal and online journal at MyFitnessPal.

2011 is a year of possibilities for many new and exciting things. We’re also traveling to Italy later this year so hopefully I’ll be fit enough while trekking around the country. My girlfriend is getting married and she asked me to be a bridesmaid! (That’s more motivation to think skinny!) I can’t wait to cook healthier meals and the occasional indulgent meals, too. Hopefully I will be able to adapt some of my favorite recipes into healthier versions and I’ll fight my inner Julia Child/Barefoot Contessa cravings with some Jillian Michaels motivation to give me my ultimate goal. “Nothing tastes good as thin feels.” I’m not trying to be a size zero or anything crazy like that, but I’m just looking to lose the muffin top that I try to hide or buy normal size jeans without having to worry about my butt fitting into them. (Yes, I said it outloud!)

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