Highlights from my weekend – Top Chef – Fabio

This past weekend, I went to the Gilroy Garlic Festival, and enjoyed lots of garlicky foods. We watched the cooking demos from the Garlic Cook-off on Saturday. I hung out with Becky & Art, a fellow April knottie, while we were there, too. On our way out, we were getting our free garlic ice cream and I stood in line for my treat. I come back to share my treat with my husband, and Lorenzo tells me that Fabio is right there in front of us, like 1 foot away. I was like WHAAAAT, OMG – he’s not supposed to be here until tomorrow! I saw him standing next to his brother, who I was walking alongside when I was getting my garlic ice cream. I heard them speaking Italian, and I didn’t really think anything of it…..in my head I was like oh, that sounds like Fabio…but I brushed it off. I kinda froze for a second and couldn’t move my feet. My girlfriend told me to hurry up before I lose my chance, so I gathered all my strength and I lightly tapped him on the shoulder, and said hi and introduced myself. I told him that I voted him as my favorite, and then I couldn’t bring myself to say much after that…then DH asked if we could get a picture with him. ***I managed to smile, and say cheese to the camera…and I gave him a hug goodbye, too.*** He was pretty cool about it, too. His wife is beautiful, she was right there, and I have to say I was starstruck and on cloud 9 after that. My husband and friends were laughing at me, because I couldn’t get the biggest smile of my face. I was like wow…I just met Fabio. I kept saying it over and over again! I just found out that he’s teaching a couple of cooking classes up in Ventura in the next 2 months, I might have to attend and drool some more. He’s way dreamier in person!!!!!!!!Other highlights include: Meeting Mr. Garlic & eating lots of garlicky foods at the Gilroy Garlic Festival

Eating Moroccan Food for the first time & meeting a fellow Knottie from my anniversary board, Becky! We were married the same day!

Taking a quick detour to Napa for the day before we left, enjoying a treat from the Bouchon Bakery and wine tasting at our fave wineries!

I love it up here….it’s so beautiful. What a great weekend getaway I had!

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