Korean-Style Beef Tacos

My bestie and I met each other online a couple years ago. We met “virtually” on an online wedding board, where a group of ladies across the US were getting married in the same month. *April 2008 was the best month to get married!* We eventually met in real life and our paths have crossed lots of times, where I have traveled up north and she has traveled a handful of times down south, too. She has become one of my nearest and dearest friends and I really wished we lived closer to each other because we always have a blast whenever we are together.

Whenever Becky is in town, she stays over at Casa Krystal. I love cooking dinner and surprising her with something tasty and new. However, there have been a couple of times where we dine out and we enjoy some tasty eats from my favorite restaurants. Becky and I have a love affair with Korean BBQ especially from a particular gourmet food truck from LA and the OC, Kogi BBQ. There have been a couple of times where we have enjoyed our fair share of fusion Korean-Mexican food and have driven crazy distances for a taco. I would love to re-create some of the specialty dishes, but Chef Roy Choi has at least over 30 ingredients in his special sauce.

This recipe is not a replica of Kogi BBQ, but a decent homemade offering of our favorite eats. This is for my bestie so she can hopefully have a taste of Korean BBQ whenever she wants at home, too. The key to this dish is the pickled cabbage and marinating the beef with the sauce. I chose to grill the tenderloin over the stove-top, but it can be easily be cooked on the grill for that extra smoky flavor. The sweet heat of the Korean-style marinade is absolutely savory and totally addicting.

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