LA Hot Dogs

Happy Monday and Happy All-Star Virtual Baby Shower day for Jessica from The Jey of Cooking!

I’m proud to be part of a wonderful and supportive food blogging community and my friends and I got together to celebrate Jessica’s sweet little slugger gal that is soon to arrive. We were asked to to make something baseball related because Jessica is due right around when the World Series will kick off. I have high hopes that my beloved Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim might be a wild card for the World Series, and  I’m crossing my fingers that they end the season on a high note.

Jessica is an avid Cubs baseball fan, and it seemed too perfect to have a baseball themed virtual shower. I prepared these easy to make bacon wrapped hot dogs topped with pico de gallo salsa and crumbled Funyuns for an extra crunch. Hot dogs are meant to be wrapped in bacon, it’s like having meat candy on your hot dog. You can spice up the hot dog and add some sauteed chile peppers and guacamole or avocado slices for a little bit of California green.

Jessica, I’m so excited for you and have no doubt that Aedan will love his new role as big brother. I’m pretty sure he is going to protect her from any craziness! Congrats and hope you have a safe and healthy delivery. Make sure to head over to Joelen’s blog for the complete round-up of all the tasty food from our virtual shower!

LA Hot Dogs
Inspired from LA Street Vendors & Farmer John

Ingredients: 6 Hot Dogs 6 strips of Bacon 6 Hot Dog Buns 1 cup of Pico de Gallo

Handful of Funyuns (onion flavored chips)

Preparation: Prepare your grill for medium high heat or grill pan. Wrap a strip of bacon around each hot dog, securing with toothpicks at each end. Place the hot dogs on the grill, and cook for 2 minutes, until the bacon on that side has cooked and rotate to an uncooked side, and repeat process until all sides of the bacon is cooked. Slightly warm the hot dog buns on the grill if desired until lightly toasted. Remove the hot dogs and buns from the grill. Remove the toothpicks from the hot dogs, and place in buns. Garnish with a tablespoon of pico de gallo salsa and crumbled funyuns. Enjoy immediately. Yield: 6 servings Review: Absolutely fantastic and one of our top ways to enjoy a hot dog. We have served this for one of our Superbowl parties and it will be a smack-tastic meal to watch the World Series or any upcoming sports games!

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