Prune dessert in sour cream sauce 1

Prune dessert in sour cream sauce

Surely many people remember a dessert from their childhood – prunes in sour cream. And fans of proper nutrition have tried yogurt with fruit for breakfast. We offer a treat that will please both.

Prune dessert in sour cream sauce 1


350 grams of sour cream 25% fat
75g soft pitted prunes
75g roasted walnuts
200g savoiardi cookies
100g sugar


Step 1
Beat the sour cream with a mixer until fluffy. While beating, pour in the sugar in a thin stream, and leave in the refrigerator to stabilize.

Step 2.
Slice the savoyardi into small pieces. Cut the prunes into julienne strips, chop the walnuts and mix with the prunes.

Step 3
Place in jars in layers: prunes with nuts, whipped sour cream, savoyardi and cream again, on top decorate with prunes and nuts. Put in the fridge for 4 hours.

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