Recap Twelve Days of Christmas Cookies & Treats

I can’t believe that for the past three weeks I have been baking up so many fantastic Christmas cookies and treats. It’s like I have been working at a little baking machine shop or something, but our friends, family and coworkers have enjoyed my little sugar journey of endless treats. Honestly, there was a slight relapse of judgment where I panicked and thought I was seriously cuckoo for my baking goal of Twelve Days of Christmas cookies and treats. I even ran out of flour, butter and sugar at one point, and I had fully stocked my kitchen in lieu of my baking madness! I have learned a multitude of baking knowledge in the past couple weeks, and I definitely love to cook compared to baking. Yet the excitement and appreciation that I receive from my goodies are totally satisfying as well so it does balance out. I have learned that I love making rolled dough cookies because they are the easiest to prepare. I have the biggest appreciation for sugar and decorated cookies because it takes some serious artistic handiwork and patient hands. I have learned that cookies on the back of the labels are  perfect go-to recipes. Most importantly, I have learned that baking treats for troops is truly a gift that keeps on giving and will be a new tradition in my kitchen. I loved all of these Christmas cookies and treats and there were still more cookie recipes that I didn’t end up making but will save for next time. I will tell you that those alfajores are absolutely sinful and delicious, the oreo mint truffles are madly addicting, spitz cookies are the hardest to make but one of the prettiest ones as well and hazelnut and dried cherry biscotti is one of my new favorite cookies. Here’s a quick photo recap of my Twelve Days of Christmas Cookies and Treats if you are looking for something sweet and tasty for the upcoming holidays. There is something for everybody!!

Happy Holidays!

Day 12: Alfajores

Day 11: Magic Bars
Day 10: Oreo Mint Truffles
Day 9: Hazelnut & Dried Cherry Biscotti
Day 8: Spritz Cookies
Day 7: S’mores Cookies
Day 6: Andes Peppermint Crunch Cookies
Day 5: Gingerbread “Army Men” Cookies
Day 4: Chocolate Chip M&M Cookies
Day 3: Shortbread Almond Cookies with Guava
Day 2: Chocolate Toffee Cookies
Day 1: Cookies in a Jar

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