Sargento Cheese Party

I love cheese.

Sometimes, okay not really – but all of the time I will check out the cheese displays at the grocery store and buy a couple blocks or bags to enjoy just for the heck of it. Fresh mozzarella, extra-sharp cheddar cheese, creamy brie with cranberries, or a fancy honey gouda truffle cheese which can all be found in my cheese drawer. I eat cheese like it’s my business.

Cheese is one of my favorite and easiest snacks to enjoy. So when the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program offered to let me sample and compare Sargento Cheeses to processed cheese. I did a happy cheese dance and jumped at the cheesy opportunity.

I wanted extra special cheeses to indulge on because I love playing them up with my sides: fancy pita-style crackers, a dipping pesto sauce, the last of my grape tomatoes from the garden and some sliced green apples. I had bought Sargento Natural slices of Colby Jack and Muenster Cheese and my comparable – processed cheese. Is that like that the stuff in a can? No, it’s the one with a plastic wrapper. I bought the store’s generic version to avoid pointing fingers at any particular name brand.

Overall, tastings of Sargento cheese versus processed cheese – there is a clear winner. Natural is always better for you because it tastes better with that aged to perfection, and texture of cheese. The processed cheese had this glossy film when removed from packaging. I will admit that I use processed cheeses whenever I make the occasional breakfast sandwich or grilled cheese, but it’s not a favorite of mine to use because it’s lack of flavor. I love the low price of processed cheese, but it’s lack of texture and flavor that always deters me to use other cheeses. If I want something with more of a bite, I would go natural and Sargento would be a nice selection if available.

The Sargento Colby Jack & Muenster cheese slices would be perfect in a grilled cheese or for your next cheese plate. Also, it would be great on top of burgers or in a breakfast sandwich. I know cost is always a factor when deciding on which cheese to indulge, but it’s always the wiser route to go with something that is natural not processed. A little bit of healthy food doesn’t hurt you.

Disclosure: As part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program a $25 gift card and these opinions are my own for Sargento cheese.

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