Strawberry-Sour Ice Cream

I have been buying wonderfully sweet, organic, local strawberries at Orange Home Grown every Saturday for the past month or so. This is my fave way to spend my Saturday morning shopping at the Farmers markets, too. I love to eat a bowl of sliced strawberries mixed in with blueberries as a mid-day snack, or make a batch of strawberry lemonade to cool ourselves down from the hot summer-y heat waves. Yet, the best way to enjoy strawberries is a frozen-friendly treat we all love and crave…ice cream!

Luckily, strawberry ice cream is Lorenzo’s favorite flavor and gave me another sweet excuse to use my new ice cream maker. Make sure to buy strawberries from your favorite farmers market because locally grown strawberries are highly recommended for this recipe. Store-bought strawberries are not the same, they are little mellowed out and lack the bright flavor of a ripe strawberry. Plan ahead and buy extra strawberries for garnish, too. (I may have bought 6 quarts of strawberries, half to make ice cream and the other half to eat while making the ice cream, too.)

The weird ingredient in this recipe is the sour cream – it gives an extra tanginess and a sweet touch to the strawberry ice cream.  The best part you don’t use eggs in this recipe, it’s really all about the ripe strawberries mixed with the heavy and sour cream. Summer really is all about the ice cream, and make a batch or two asap!

Strawberry-Sour Ice Cream
Adapted from The Perfect Scoop
Printable RecipeIngredients:1 pound fresh strawberries, lightly rinsed, hulled, and sliced¾ cup sugar1 tablespoon limoncello or vodka1 cup sour cream1 cup heavy cream

½ teaspoon freshly squeezed lemon juice


Place the sliced strawberries in a large bowl and add the sugar and limoncello. Mix until the sugar has fully dissolved. Cover with plastic wrap and let stand at room temperature for at least one hour, stirring occasionally.

In a blender or food processor, pulse the strawberries, sour cream, heavy cream and lemon juice until almost smooth but still chunky.

Cover with plastic wrap and place in fridge for one hour, and then prepare according to your ice cream maker instructions.

Review: Loved it, and maybe because it’s totally pretty in pink and a such a refreshing treat. Creamy ice cream heaven and perfect for these BLAZING HOT summer days.

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