Superbowl Menu Ideas

Who’s going to win Superbowl XLV? Steelers or Packers???

There are some of us that will watch it because we are diehard Pittsburgh Steeler fans, and love singing that darn “Black and Yellow” song. Or some people like my husband are Green Bay Packers fans will be cheering for the underdogs to win. Or there are others that don’t care either way and really love snacking on Superbowl food, and watching the expensive $$$ commercials like me. I like participating in the football poll at work because it’s sheer luck to win some easy money. I like those odds better than playing Lotto especially since my square has 9 and 0, I guess those are good numbers for any of the quarters. Let’s cross our fingers and hope I win!

I feel like Superbowl day is the one gluttonous day where diets are forgotten and the copious amounts of beer and the ultimate nosh-worthy snacks are enjoyed by all. Love it or hate it, but Superbowl is a fun entertaining day for myself because we are hosting a Superbowl party at our house or as I like to call it Superbowl Sunday Funday. We usually have a plethora of finger foods, snacks, sweets and plenty of booze because come game time your bellies will be hungry for plenty!

Here are a couple of menu ideas if you’re looking for some tasty treats and sweets!

Hot Wings with Blue-Cheese Yogurt Sauce

Bobby Flay’s Throwdown hot wings are a wonderful mix of heat and sweet. These fiery wings are finger licking good!

Bacon and Tomato Guacamole

Rick Bayless’s created a masterpiece for bacon-lovers. The butteryness of the avocados melds perfectly with crispy bacon. Nom-tastic!


Cuban finger sandwiches made with booze. These always go fast in our house, and these are super easy to prepare, too.

Dogzilla Hot Dogs

A tribute to one of my favorite food trucks, it’s one of the best hot dog combinations that I have had. Make ‘em, eat’ em, love ‘em.

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Sliders

Sweet and falling apart tender pork shoulder with a little bit of root beer. Delicious and your slow cooker does the work for you while you watch the game.


The perfect marriage of cookies and brownies molded together for a brookie. Yum!

Coconut-Lime Chewy Sugar Cookies

I love this flavor combination and it’s a refreshing change from the typical sugar cookie.

Happy Superbowl weekend, make some tasty snacks, kick up your feet, scream loud and proud, and I hope your team wins or not. I’ll be jumping up and down in joy when Glee is on afterwards! I love Gleeking out!!

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