Tips for making casseroles

Tips for making casseroles

There are recipes for casseroles in cuisines all over the world. They include Italian lasagna, British pie, British pudding, Greek moussaka, French gratin, and much more.

Tips for making casseroles

A variety of ingredients can be used to make casseroles. For example, a recipe for sweet curd casserole requires eggs and cottage cheese, as well as raisins and other dried fruits.

To make a vegetable casserole, we will need potatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, eggplant – there are many recipes. Meat casserole and fish casserole are prepared with the addition of the same vegetables.

As for casseroles made of pasta, common in Italian (and now it’s not just Italian) cuisine, almost any pasta that wasn’t eaten in time and had time to cool down will do. However, there is a special kind of pasta that is specially designed for baking – lasagna. There are recipes for vegetable, meat and fish lasagna. An important ingredient of traditional lasagna is hard cheese (Parmesan).

Deep cast iron pans are suitable for making casseroles. Cast iron distributes the heat very evenly, and everything is baked in such pans quickly and efficiently. Teflon coating also has its advantages, but most teflon forms have too thin walls. Good options are glass and ceramic. The dish in which you cook the casserole should have quite high edges, so that the actively gurgling sauce (if present) will not be irretrievably lost. And if the form is also nice-looking, you will not be embarrassed to put it on the table.

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